Unit 1







State, Society And Culture Of India, 300 B.C.–500 A.D.                            

Unit 1

a.      Towards Empire, Origins of Mauryan Rule: Chandragupta Maurya, EmperorAsoka: Kalinga war, Spread of                           Buddhism, Policy of Dhamma, Rock Edicts and Script.

b.     Mauryan Economy: Administrative Organisation,

Mauryan Art: Stupas

c.   Disintegration of the Mauryan Empire.

 Unit 2

a.      Post Mauryan Developments :Greek, Saka and Kushan Invasion and Significance of Contacts between Central Asia and North India.

b.      State formation in the Deccan: Satavahanas Political, Religious,   

      Economic and Cultural Developments.

c.     Sangam Age : Chiefdoms , Society, Literature, Indo- Roman Trade.

Unit 3

a.      Rise of Guptas :Origin of Guptas : Samudragupta, Chandragupta –II and Others

b.  Society, Religion and Economy, Administration under the Guptas

c.   Art, Architecture, Sculpture, Painting and Literature, Science and


Unit 4 

a.      Vakatakas: Cultural contributions , Disintegration of Gupta Empire

b.     Post - Gupta Developments, Huna Invasions , Institutions: Social Stratification and Slavery

c.      Status of Women: Family, Marriage and Property Rights, Educational Ideas and Institutions