History of India up TO 300 B.C.


Unit 1

a.   Stone Age Cultures: Tools, Sites and Subsistence Pattern.

b.  Paleolithic Culture, Mesolithic Culture

c.   Neolithic Culture, Bronze Age.

 Unit 2

 a.      First Urbanization: The Harappan civilization: Major sites,

Mohenjodaro, Kalibangan, Lothal and Dholvira

b.  Town Planning, Social Life, Religious Life and Economy

c.   Dabate on Harappan Chronology and Ethnic Identities

Unit 3

a.      Vedic Culture: Early Vedic Age, Polity, Society, Economy and Religion. Later Vedic Age: Polity, Society, Economy and Religion

b.     Janapadas andMahajanpadas. Territorial States: Monarchical and Republican

c.   Second Urbanization: Urban Centers. Emergence of New Classes

Unit 4

a. Religious Movements:  Jainism and Buddhism, Ajivikas 

b. Philosophy: Upnishadas and Bhagwat Geeta,

c. Six Schools of Thought