History of Tribal Art and Literature

Unit 1 Origin and Historicity

a.      Oral and Literary Sources of Tribal Art

b.     Nature and Meaning of Tribal Art

c.      Folk Art

Unit 2 Indian Tribal Art:Form and Types

 a.      Rock Art, Bhimbetaka, Art of Pachamari, Vindhya

     Mountain Range

b.        Sculpture, Wall Painting, Varali, Madhubani, Gondi and Bhil

c.         Gender and Art

 Unit 3 Tribal Literature

a.      Development of Literary Texts: Language and Folklore

b.     Social Transformation through Literature and Oral tradition

c.      Conservation of Culture and Identity

 Unit 4 Museum and Tribal Research Institutes

a.         Documentation and Conservation.

b.        Tribal Cultural Research and Training Institutes

c.         Tribes as projected in Museum